Production and Management of Production Units

We address companies operating in the field of industrial production, companies that face various challenges in production processes.

It may be a high rate of absenteeism and / or rotation, high costs of transporting employees or perhaps the pool of human resources in the geographical area of activity has decreased.

On the other hand, expanding production with a new product or simply increasing the volume of orders may be reasons for you to have to find solutions to deliver on time.

Our Solutions

Production Satellites

Industrial Supplier


from infrastructure to operational system


In the case of expanding production to another location, Moveos can provide the necessary infrastructure from the construction project to
the commissioning of the equipment.

  • Analysis of available locations and choice of final location 

  • The appearance of the production unit 

  • Proposal of the main unit of production 

  • Land acquisition 

  • Regulation of legal status 

  • Relationship with local authorities 

  • Building permits 

  • Construction of build-to-suit facilities or renovation services – production units, warehouses, office space 

Selected and trained personnel

With the start of a new production unit, qualified personnel are needed, carefully selected and trained according to the existing production processes. We have the necessary capabilities to provide the staff (directly and indirectly) necessary for the smooth running of the processes. 

Optionally, depending on the specific needs, there is the possibility of setting up a temporary Recruitment Center, at local level. 

  • Analysis of the human resources pool available in the target areas 

  • CV collection and primary selection 

  • Interview and final selection 

Moveos Operational System

We have developed an operational system that allows us the controlled and efficient management of production entities.

Sistemul Operațional Moveos
  • Business case with validation of production, quality, financial inputs 

  • Ramp-up Management

    • Systematic transfer structure 

    • Training and delivery of staff ready to start 

    • Measurement and monitoring of performance indicators 

  • Satellite start-up and administration
  • Standards and tools

    • General standards (ISO 9001, 14001, 18001)

    • Specific standards (IATF 16949) – we have the necessary skills to start the certification process 

    • Quality tools (Ishikawa, 5 DE CE, 8D, PPAP, SPC, quality assurance, MSA, APQP etc) 

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